Random street exhibition in Berat

For a week our assignment was to familiarise ourselves with the locals in Berat and photograph their daily routines. During the evenings we gathered with our class to share our stories and critique others work. It was super exciting to see how thoughtful series people on our class were able to pull of in such a short period of time (like the serie from a local nursing home by Anna and Jonna)

By the end of the week we wanted to somehow give back to the people of Berat, because we had been photographing like crazy there confusing pretty much the whole town. This is why we decided to print out a set of photos and arrange this random street exhibition on of the bridges there. 

The photos were up for grabs and by the evening they had all found new homes. By far the best part was seeing the locals expressions and them also recognising friends and family members from the wall with a big smile of their face!