Everyone meets again

The adventures in Macedonia started with a really lucky coincidence where I met four travellers from my previous hostels! This show how little hostels there actually are on the Balkans, everyone seems to visits the same places!

On my birthday I decided to hitchhike to a randomly selected town together with Marley starting eight in the morning. We were fortunate to get a ride straight to Tetovo, with a driver racing the highways like never before. Halfway he surprised us by offering coffee, ice cream and little snacks from a local gas station.

There's a big Albanian minority in Macedonia, which is mainly based in the western parts. In several towns almost 75% of the population feels like they were part of Albania, this was also the case in Tetovo where we ended up with Marley.

On a local train station (that had gone bankrupt years ago, even though this was the transportation that we were recommended to take towards Skopje...) we got offered cherries and coffee by a group of this minority. We talked a while about the situation in their hometown, their attitude towards Macedonians in general and a local rock band, that unfortunately stayed as a mystery.