Fashion Editorial With Feathers and Nude Colors

Model: Katariina Juselius
Clothing design and styling: Anni Ruuth
Hair and makeup: Carmen Rosar

Here's some results from my latest editorial, which we produced back in February with a super talented team. The theme was mostly created around Anni Ruuth's collection and the colors from the location itself. Anni uses a lot of beautiful materials such as silk and feathers in her designs. The idea was to match these nude colors in harmonious way in this editorial. Her latest collection Ode for Première is also highly inspired by the beauty and femininity of ballet culture.

It was a pleassure to create a moodboard around these themes! To add some drama to the set, we wanted to try more random poses as well to keeps things interesting. Katariina did an amazing job looking elegant while being upside down like that! No idea how she managed. 

The location played a big role in this set and it was actually a place I found through Airbnb. It happened to have just the right colors for the mood we were going for! The video beneath shows more of the actual creative process. I've now got three different behind the scenes videos up on my YouTube channel if you're interested in those. 

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