Fashion Photography in a Retro Caravan

Model: Emilia
Hair and makeup: Carmen Rosar
Clothing: Artistiasu & Tyra Therman

This could either be a really silly idea or pure genious. That was our thought process with Emilia, when we decide to organize a photo shoot inside a small caravan. After finding the perfect caravan, we created a moodboard, which had warm tones, beautiful light and glamour combined with the caravan atmosphere. 

I went to see the caravan a day before our shoot to see what kind of angles would be possible in this tight space. I also brought all the needed props to fill out the space more. To match the overal colors better I decided for golden bed sheets. We also had a golden plate, hamburgers and a pint of beer. During the shoot we kept on constantly showing and then again hiding these. In the final frames I decided to keep these elements to a minimum. 

The original plan was to light the caravan from outside, but it ended up raining quite heavily, so this was not an option in the end. This meant that I had to fit my octabox inside the caravan, which limited our lighting options a bit. But I was still happy what kind of light we were able to create in the tiny space. 

Final images

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