“Krahesi Is legendaro”


I spent on of the best adventures so far in Krahesi, which is a tiny village north from Berat. I didn’t know anything about the town when I decided to leave the bus on a totally random stop. Choosing a location from a bus window is quite a gamble! A little group of guys welcomed me to the village and took me part of their gang for the days I spent there.

Albano was the one who spoke some English and first introduced the town to me. He had found work in Germany and flew there two days ago. Most of the others in the gang where jobless, expect for Erti who worked at a little cafeteria. The plastic tables around his cafeteria were a true gathering point for the villagers. The elders come here to drink raki after work and also between any little pause they have. 

On the outskirts of Krahesi the pipe smoking man showed me around his factory. Like all the others he also proudly offered me some good Albanian coffee. I can’t stop wondering how the locals can fit so much sugar in such a small cup?