Chasing Fishers in Mehamn


A few weeks I decided to escape on a spontaneous road trip to Northern Norway together with Anna. Our goal was to do a series about the traditional professions such as fishing and reindeer herding in Mehamn, Norway. Before the trip we were super lucky to find two contacts within the fishing industry.

We knew that it would be cold. My parents warned us several times of the weather conditions in Norway. What we were put up against was something we just couldn’t imagine before the trip!

I must say that I’ve never experienced such a insane cold breeze. The wind literally made photographing difficult, because it kept shaking you around. This extreme coldness simply forced us to spend most of the time inside the car. We even cooked our food on the backseat. This turned out to be a really memorable experience nonetheless. 

Unfortunately our contacts weren’t reliable enough, so we couldn’t execute the project. Therefore we changed our plan and just took the trip as a pure road trip in the unknown! It’s just beautiful how much the views change after every corner in Norway!  

The Arctic Ocean also became my new absolute favourite sea during this trip! Okay, to be honest I didn’t have a favourite ocean before so… But it’s unbelievable how many moods and especially colours the Arctic Ocean expressed itself in!