Muotsikka Photoshop

Workflow actions -paketti

Frequency Separation
Dodge & Burn
Shadow Recover
B&W Overlay 10%
Smart Contrast
High Pass w/ mask
Auto Soft Flare




Tärkeät pikakomennot

V - Move tool
M - Marquee tool
B - Brush
0-10 - Brush opacity
Shift + 0-10 - Brush flow
Alt - Sample color
S - Clone Stamp
X - Change foreground and background color
D - Set foreground and background color to default
Cmd + I - Invert
Cmd + Shift + I - Invert selection
Cmd + E - Merge layers
Cmd + alt + shift + E - Stamp visible
Cmd + shift + N - New layer
Cmd + J - Dublicate layer

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