Patok Was a Lie


I’ve now spent three weeks going around in Albania and it feels like I’m getting to know this country by now. The only place I’ve got left to explore is the eastern parts, which is exactly where I'm heading next. There’s only one bus leaving from Sarandë towards Korça and this beast leaves at 5:30 in the morning. Not my type of bus for sure...

Before the trip to Albania Anna had spotted a sympathetic fishing village from Google Maps, so I decided to make a last detour to Patok. All my preconceptions of an incredible local town were crashed pretty fast, because Patok felt like a total lie! 

For some reason everyone has decided to start the same kind of fancy seafood restaurant in an old looking fishing shed... Absolutely nothing original or local here. All the customers seemed to be tourists driving expensive sport cars and just stopping by to have a nice meal.  

After a couple of hours of desperate exploring in the attempt to find something interesting I decided to hitchhike back to Tirana one last time, from here I took the last evening bus through some mountainous landscapes to Pogradec. All I can say so far is that I’ve arrived in popcorn heaven! You can buy a decent bag for 30 leks (around 0,2€)!