Fashion Editorial With Anniiina

Model: Anniina Kangas
Hair and Makeup: Carmen Rosar
Jewelry: Siina Levonoja (
Art Direction: Sofia Pusa

I’m still not ready to give up to the cold weather and go back to shooting inside! This does require quite a bit of stamina from the team, but I'm always surprised how far people are ready to go to create a solid series.

We shot this editorial with Anniina in the middle of a worksite in Kalasatama, which is currently a sea of large rock formations. I've lately been inspired by these kind of desolated landscapes. There is some sort of magic about the emptiness. Something otherworldly. To be honest I have to admit that the workers did however ruin this illusion a bit. I think we were the strange creatures this time. 

Our friend Siina Levonoja has designed beautiful ceramic jewelry, that has been inspired by elements. To honor these elements we wanted to keep them in the final series as well. To complete the color palette we chose a strong red to compliment the other colors. 

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