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Ghost Town Known as Niagara Falls

We rented a car and drove to the Niagara falls. Once there we were welcomed by empty bar streets and closed motels.

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Follow That Blonde Wig – Polaroids From Japan

The best thing about Japan was finding an abandoned love hotel, the stories told by various drivers and an unexpected dinner with a family from Nagano.

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Soon Hitchhiking Again

I’ve never been so unaware of a country I’m traveling to. Sushi and sumo wrestling. But what else is there?

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Traveling Light as a Photographer

A lot of people were wondering how I managed to pack everything in such a small backpack. I’m more pondering how exceptionally little you could travel with if you didn't photograph?

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Fishing in Mollesjohka

I’ve now managed to visit 12 countries within the last 12 months, it has truly been quite a ride for the last year! 

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Hitchhiking in Greece

I was first greeted by a strictly religious dentist, who suggested me a good spot to hitchhike after giving me an unopened bible followed big a wet kiss on my cheek. Let’s say that I preferred the cold beer that I got offered the day before. 

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