Hitchhiking in Greece


Only a few days left of my journey after sleeping under the stars. I left early in the morning from Kavala in order to hitchhike to Komotini and my first couchsurfing experience. This route once again showed me how unpredictable hitchhiking can be, especially timewise. 

I was first greeted by a strictly religious dentist, who suggested me a good spot to hitchhike after giving me an unopened bible followed big a wet kiss on my cheek. Let’s say that I prefered the cold beer that I got offered the day before. 

This old road leading to Komotini was anything but good, especially after my second ride for the day first finished his beer (yes?) and drove me to an even more worthless spot...

My adventure spirit drained out after an hour, which was when I jumped on a bus going to Komotini. Here I met with Evangelina, who showed me how the nightlife looks like in a small Greek town because it happened to her friends surprise birthday party. After a few beers the conversation of course went to an argument about whether if Greece should get rid of euro of not. 

The following day Evangelina was kind enough to help me find tickets and the bus going to Istanbul, which in itself was rather surprising. Who would have thought that Turkish buses got tablets for everyone, free Wi-Fi and constant coffee service?