Shattered Greenhouses and Abandoned Blackboards


We start by visiting a familiar swamp to see how fall had affected it. The view is bare and the duckboards are filled with visitors. Not as orange as we thought.

On our way back we notice by accident a little path heading away from the sand road. An abandoned school is peaking from behind the leaves. By surprise we discover that the whole area is filled with abandoned buildings. There’s everything from greenhouses, dorms to old classrooms with their blackboards left behind. The sound of shattered glass follows you on every step here.

Finding new locations is tightly tied together with my job and the way I like to work as a photographer. Especially in my fashion work I like to tell a story with the location as a strong part of the narrative. I like to be quite critical when choosing backdrops for my work, which is hopefully transmitted in my portfolio.   

Sometimes ideas can even originate from the location itself, which makes these explorations so important for me!